Hamburg is our home base. But feeling at home is being at sea.

Our dedicated onshore and onboard crew ensures the smooth operation of our ships.

Product and chemical tankers and LNG/LPG tankers of different sizes are also used for the transport of crude oil, clean oil products, ethylene or LNG. A majority of tankers is deployed in pools. In addition to this, CST also operates bulk carriers.




Gas tankers

Since 1974 CST has been operating gas tankers for all important cargos such as LNG, LPG and ethylene.

teaser flotte produktentanker

Product tankers

The transportation of all kinds of products is a core business of CST.


Chemical tankers

The operation of chemical tankers has been one of the core segments of CST since its foundation in 1969.


Bulk Carriers

Due to its long-standing management of OBO carriers, CST has gained expertise in operating bulk carriers and has established itself in this sector with its own ships since 2005.